Monday, September 16, 2019

Grateful for you

 I've been thinking and planning for the month of October, which is Pastor Appreciation Month, for many church-goers.  Each year I have tried to create a card to send to each of the pastoral staff of our church to remind them of our appreciation for their faithful and diligent ministry to their congregation, and more specifically to Russ and myself.  As I began thinking about what I wanted to do, I had decided that this year I wanted to challenge myself to make the front of the cards a totally stamped-by-me background, which I have only done one other time.

In the meantime, I found that two of the challenge blogs that I have really enjoyed following are sponsoring fall-themed challenges that fit in perfectly with the ideas I had for the appreciation cards.  One of the blogs is new to me but I have really enjoyed seeing all the cards on that blog ... Creative with Stamps.  This month the challenge to to make an autumn-themed card.

RRCB 119

The other blog has been one of my "mostest favoritest" challenge blogs, Retro Rubber Challenge.  I have participated in this challenge in the past and always enjoy seeing how people use the older stamps in their stash since I have lots of those as well!  Their current challenge (#119) is to use the fall colors of red, brown and orange, and that was exactly what I was planning to use!

So... I have made this card as my "test card" to use in October to send to our pastoral staff members (each one will get his/her own card):
The card base is an olive-ish green to which I added a piece of orange card stock.  I stamped the background on plain white card stock using leaves from two different stamp sets, both of which I have had since 2012 (can it really have been so long??? Yep, it has!).  I stamped the leaves with chocolate chip brown, pale red, orange(the pad looked darker orange that it stamped out), and a green that was a pear green according to the name on the old pad!

I embossed the word "grateful" with copper embossing powder and stamped the "for you" with the chocolate chip brown.  The words are from a stamp set I bought on sale in 2017 and have never used.  I thought the words were perfect for the occasion.

On the inside of the card

I used a new stamp set for the words and repeated the old leaf stamp from the front of the card, stamping it twice with the pale red ink  so I could get a shadowy effect on the one leaf.

Anyway, all that to say I like the results and as of now, all 14 of our church ministerial staff will get a version of this card, and if I have the pleasure of having some good "vibes" from the challenge blogs DTs in the process, all the better!  But they have certainly been my inspiration for this year's Pastor Appreciation Month card, so THANK YOU Creative With Stamps challenge and Retro Rubber challenge!!


Monday, September 9, 2019


This is going to be a busy week and I am not sure I will get much done in the craft room, but on Saturday I made my C card to keep myself on track with this new goal of mine.  One thing I have discovered in the several years now that I have been making cards is that there always seems to come an opportunity to send a card for which I had not anticipated and for which I have no card.  Congratulations is one of those ... every time I have needed a congratulations card I have had to go in the craft room and make one because I had none on hand in my "stash" of extras.  This card is going to go into that box of extras so I can have it when I need one next time, and who knows when that time will come?!

Anyway, here it is:
I heat embossed two blossoms with black , cut them out, and just added a bit of Worn Lipstick distress ink to the centers.  The butterfly is from a die that I cut out from white card stock to which I had applied some Worn Lipstick and a tiny touch of purple.

The card is all red so on the inside I stamped one of the flowers in black and added some white word stickers I had (not sure where they came from).

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Maybe I should say, "B is for Butterfly Birthday" since I used some more of some butterfly paper I had in my stash for this card.  I use a lot of birthday cards since I am the designated sender of cards for my Sunday School class, besides all the other birthdays I send cards for.

In any case, it seemed appropriate this time around to make birthday my alphabet card for the B's. 
So here it is:

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


One of the blogs that I have really enjoyed following is Just Stampin' and over recent months, Jeanie, the blog author, has been making a series of cards representing each letter of the alphabet.  It has really inspired me to see her creations and the other day I was thinking about how many cards I've made, many of which I have not photographed and shown on my own blog, but this might be a good way to challenge myself to remember to make a record of some of my cards as I make them.

Sooo... starting today I am going to do my own ABC cards.  And I am going to try to remember to record them here as I do them.  We'll see if I am successful!

I have made so many cards in recent months for all sorts of occasions.  I love making cards and scrapbooking because it is never the same thing twice in a row (I would never make a good factory worker!).  The thing about doing an ABC challenge is finding new reasons to make a card, or at least, a reason that I don't often have.

My first submission is a case in point... I have lots of friends who have been married a long time, but we don't exchange anniversary cards.  However, my friend Jane is newly married and coming up on her first anniversary, so this is a great time to make an anniversary card!

Here it is!
 Doesn't look like an anniversary card, does it?!  And of course, it could actually be for any occasion with the little "Just for You" sentiment!  Can you see where I cut a slit in the covering paper there on the left side?  I folded the cut down and put some different butterfly paper on the folded section and cut out a little butterfly from the paper and glued it onto the white section.

As I said, it isn't really clearly an anniversary card from this view, but...
... when you open it up, there it is!  I kept the inside pretty plain and simple after the fancier front, but there it is ...


Saturday, August 24, 2019

For the grandkinds

This year Russ and I decided to write letters to each of our grandchildren at the beginning of the school year.  We are writing separately but are sending them in one card to each child.  I decided to make a card for each set of letters, one card for each grand.  I only decorated the front of the cards because the two letters will be inside.

This first card is for Joy, who loves music:
The words and the music are from a die cut set and I think it is perfect for the occasion.  Her favorite colors (last time I checked) are pink and turquoise.  But you know how quickly those things change for a young teenager!

The card for Lucas is more generic but I think he'll get a charge out of the "Hay there" greeting.  The figures and words are from a new stamp and die set I recently purchased.  I love the little farm animals!
I set the animals on foam tape...
And lastly, I made this card for Levi, who is our family punster.  He comes up with the funniest puns and "homemade" jokes!  I think you will see right away why I thought this was the perfect card for him.
I made this as a shaker card.  The stuff in the shaker is a set of sequins and tiny little pieces of fruit, including slices of watermelon!  Here is a closer look at the shaker:

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Sleepless nights

Once in a while I find myself unable to sleep, usually after about two hours of good sleep I'll wake up wide awake.  If I find myself tossing and turning, I get up, get a drink of water and either read or watch a movie on my Roku, but last night when I had one of "those" nights I decided to go into my  (newly re-organized) craft room and do some card-making.

I have been going through all my stash of materials, getting rid of things that for one reason or another I am pretty certain I'll never use.  In the process, I have rediscovered some things such as some Dazzle stickers from one of my favorite online craft suppliers, Paper Wishes.  I decided to use them on a couple of cards ... I ended up making three cards!  Went back to bed around 3:30 a.m. and although I know I'll feel the lack of sleep later today, at this point I am just enjoying seeing how productive I was in my sleeplessness!

See what I mean?

The little sewing machine is obviously a get well card...
Then there is the card that could be just a "glad you are my friend" card or could be a birthday card, depending on what you put inside.  I choose to make it a friendship card.
And, finally, I made this friendship card (I guess it could be a thank you card, too, come to think of it!).

I don't think I'll be so slow to go into that crafting room the next time I can't sleep, but I must admit, that is NOT what I want to make a habit!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Birthday flowers

I made a card for our friend yesterday whose birthday is today, the Fourth of July.  She loves red and gold so I used quite a bit of gold on her card and added a touch of red.
I am going to submit this to the Freshly Made Sketches challenge for this week.  This is the sketch I am following:
I am using the natural strips of the background paper for the stripe behind the circular image. 

I had this golden metallic doily in my stash and used it as the background for my little wreath of white flowers.  I think the doily looks pretty on the turquoise-to-pink paper.  And like I said, my friend likes god, which is what prompted me to add the gold dazzle line stickers around the edge of the card as well as the background doily.  The little leaves are some brads I had in my stash and they filled in some of the space around the flowers.